Milkwood Steiner School, Darwin, Northern Territory

Art & Craft

Art and craft are an integral part of the curriculum and are used as a way of engaging the children in the current topic from every angle. This complements and enhances the intellectual aspects of the class work. Learning through the arts promotes multiple skills and abilities and nurtures the development of cognitive, social and personal competencies. For example, in a Class Four history main-lesson the children may learn Nordic dancing, construct a Nordic ship and paint a Nordic shield.

Art includes recitation and drama, wet-on-wet painting, form drawing, beeswax and clay modelling, and handcrafts such as sewing, knitting, weaving, woodwork and carving.

The primary school child experiences life as a world of pictures and feelings. This promotes a rich inner structure enabling the later development of conceptual thinking.

Children who learn to make practical things in an artistic way, for the benefit of others as well as themselves, will be able to form their lives and their relationships in a social and artistic way when they are older, thereby enriching their lives. The training through art in school is not for the purpose of producing artists but in order to educate young people for the art of living, based on disciplined exercise. The type of exercise and the time it is introduced are the important factors.

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Students will be performing at this years’ Seabreeze Festival!

The String Ensemble will open the CDU Music Stage at 2.05pm followed by the School Choir at 2.20pm.
From 4.30 Strings players will busk en-masse on the Slab Stage.

Come and hear us play and sing!

Listening, creating and performing music are all integral aspects of a balanced music education. Through the students’ involvement in sequential and age appropriate activities, music takes a central position in Waldorf education, studied both as a discrete discipline and most importantly as a vital part of the pedagogy. Exercises for training the musical ear are practiced, providing a solid base for subsequent musical accomplishment and singing and choral work are developed throughout the school years. Children learn the recorder from Class One through to Class Six and individual tuition of a stringed instrument and music notation is taught from Class Three, and by Class Four children participate in orchestral work.
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