Milkwood Steiner School, Darwin, Northern Territory

Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner (1864-1925) was an Austrian philosopher, scientist and humanitarian who has profoundly influenced Western culture. He worked with scientists, artists, doctors, ministers of religion, teachers and industrialists to help transform our civilisation. His work is best known through Steiner Education, Bio-dynamic Agriculture, Anthroposophical Medicine and Architecture.

His background in history and civilisations coupled with his observation in life gave the world the gift of Waldorf Education. It is a deeply insightful application of learning based on the Study of Humanity that helps develop consciousness of self and the surrounding world. Steiner’s perception that although external conditions in our time are changing as never before, the essential nature of humanity remains; in particular, the stages of human development through childhood follow a natural pattern unaffected by short term social change.

The task of educators remains to prepare children for an unpredictable future by nurturing healthy development ‘from the inside’, to provide the right nourishment at each stage of physical, emotional and spiritual growth. This kind of education had its origin in the first school established by Rudolf Steiner for the children of workers at the Waldorf cigarette factory in Stuttgart in 1919. He developed a flexible curriculum that has evolved with time and has been adapted to local conditions in the various countries where Steiner schools are found.

Steiner schools now form the largest and fastest growing group of independent private schools worldwide. There is an international group of over 800 schools and 1200 kindergartens in many countries including Australia, Britain, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, China, Japan, Chile, U.S.A. and Canada.

There are currently over 50 schools and Kindergartens throughout Australia, with 6 operating within the State system in Victoria.

Although Steiner education has already stood the test of time, many believe it will show its full promise in the 21st century. The significance of its rapid growth around the world indicates that it may well be an education coming into its own because it fosters a thinking that is appropriate for our age.

Receive the child in revereance

Educate the child with love

Let the child go forth in freedom

~ Rudolf Steiner

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Students will be performing at this years’ Seabreeze Festival!

The String Ensemble will open the CDU Music Stage at 2.05pm followed by the School Choir at 2.20pm.
From 4.30 Strings players will busk en-masse on the Slab Stage.

Come and hear us play and sing!

Listening, creating and performing music are all integral aspects of a balanced music education. Through the students’ involvement in sequential and age appropriate activities, music takes a central position in Waldorf education, studied both as a discrete discipline and most importantly as a vital part of the pedagogy. Exercises for training the musical ear are practiced, providing a solid base for subsequent musical accomplishment and singing and choral work are developed throughout the school years. Children learn the recorder from Class One through to Class Six and individual tuition of a stringed instrument and music notation is taught from Class Three, and by Class Four children participate in orchestral work.
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