About Milkwood


Milkwood Steiner School is situated on Larrakia country. We acknowledge the Larrakia people as the owners of this land and acknowledge the privilege of teaching and learning on Larrakia country. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. We seek to be guided by Indigenous people in order to contribute to healing the wrongs of the past on this land.

In 2021, Milkwood Steiner School granted permission by Larrakia elder, Duwun Lee, to operate as a school on Larrakia land.

Milkwood Steiner School was given the Larrakia name, Djandjag (Milkwood Tree).


Mission Statement

Milkwood Steiner School exists as a space to grow and nurture a community on Larrakia land with intention, where children are received with reverence, guided by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner Education, adapted to this Time and Place.


Milkwood Values



Values Statement

At Milkwood, we believe that childhood is sacred. Our community believes in the rights of all to dignity, growth, and community care. In an increasingly materialistic world, we value imagination, creativity and spirit. Our community was founded with courage, hope and a sense of responsibility. We seek to embody these in all we do.

Strategic Plan 2021_2026 FINAL


Milkwood is situated on Larrakia land (Darwin), in the tropical north of Australia delivering a Steiner Curriculum to 100 students from Kindergarten to Class 7.

We are a thriving, growing school, with a welcoming community and children from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our College of Teachers are committed to applying the richness of a Steiner Education to the unique cultural and environmental context of Australia’s Top End. Our school has unique large tropical style buildings with classrooms that open out on to broad verandas, with a playground that extends to a beautiful native bushland.

At Milkwood Steiner School every child is encouraged to strive to excel within a rich social and intellectual environment that aims to promote attributes such as self-confidence, resilience, resourcefulness, initiative and social consciousness.

Our school is one of over 40 Steiner schools in Australia, and over one thousand schools worldwide, working from the educational impulses of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner schools aim to educate and develop the whole child – head, heart and hands by providing meaningful and creative learning experiences. Steiner schools have a unique and distinctive approach to educating children, aiming to enable each stage of growth to be fully and vividly enjoyed and experienced.

Milkwood was named after a beautiful Milkwood tree growing in Knuckey Lagoon Recreation Reserve. It became very special to the children who attended the Steiner inspired playgroups and the Waldorf Learning Group held there in 2001. Early in its life, this tree began growing horizontal to the ground, resulting in a magical and safe leafy place for children to play and be. From the first moment, the Milkwood tree drew the children to it. We warm to the symbolism of the Milkwood tree as one of nature’s gifts which has strength, resilience and medicinal uses.



We thank all who have considered Milkwood through their tax-deductible donation. Our Building Trust Fund is essential for our growth, and is one of many ways to show your support for all we seek to build and create.

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