Our history

Milkwood Steiner School was imagined and materialised by a group of families in 1999, who came together with a shared vision. Their dreams and efforts manifested into a playgroup, guided by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, adapted to acknowledge the significance of the seasons, environment and Traditional Knowledge in their region. Their inspiration and the will to work nurtured the roots of our community with unity and vision.

Today, we acknowledge the role of children in growing this school, and the wishes of their adult community to continue to grow a space which will nurture and value the spirit of childhood. Like the founders of this school, today’s members hope to build a community for our children which nurtures a deep connection to spirit, country, self and community, which cultivates creativity and inspiration, and which prompts responsibility, courage, belonging and connection. Our understanding of the meaning behind our values of Imagination, Courage, Dignity and Spirit is deep and evolving. The meanings of these values deepens over time, and we explore their wisdom consciously through a group reflective practice at the beginning of each school term, and as individuals through our inner work.

Milkwood Steiner School offers:

Milkwood Playgroup: 0-4 years of age with their parent or guardian.

Kindergarten: mixed-age Kindergarten for children aged 4-6.

Primary School classes 1-6  with the same Class Teacher including specialist teachers for Music, Language, Eurythmy and Nature studies.