Our teachers and staff

College of Teachers (CoT)

The CoT is responsible for all educational matters and student welfare, including curriculum, student conduct, student assessment, teacher mentoring and adult education.


Our Class Teachers and Staff are:

Bush Apple and Water Lily Kindergarten –  Penny Johnson, kindergarten@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Class 1 – Marissa Madison, marissa.madison@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Class 2 – Milly Flook, milly.flook@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Class 3 /4 – Fiona Couttie, fiona.couttie@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Class 5 /6 – Alan Drysdale, alan.drysdale@milkwood.nt.edu.au

String Instrument Tutors –  Michael Bardon, Tara Murphy

Ensemble Conductor – Netanela Mizrahi

Classroom Assistants and Support Aides –  Bernadette (Bernie) Murray, Caryn Dunning

Indonesian language Teacher – Guido (Darwin Language Centre)

After School Care – Rhiannon Mounsey

Playgroup Leader – Kate Harper

Cleaners – Tina and Larni

Di Lucas – Nature Studies/ Excursions

Farm and Library Program – Majella Bowden and Louise deDassell

Management/ Administration

Principal – Netanela Mizrahi, principal@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Administration and Enrolments – Isabelle Kirkbride,  admin@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Finance Manager – Caron Farrell, finance@milkwood.nt.edu.au