The rhythmic cycle of the year is celebrated in all Steiner schools. We foster a sense of harmony with the changing seasons. These changes are reflected in our activities and nature. The children will recreate the event in a dramatic story or ceremony. Milkwood celebrates seasonal and cultural festivals. We have developed our programs to include the six seasons of our local region.

As whole school events we celebrate:

Term 1: Mayilema – A Larrakia seasonal festival, held at Lee Point

Term 2: Winter Solstice Lantern Festival

Term 3: Bush Dance and Michaelmas

Term 4: End of Year Recital and Nesting Week


Seasonal Festivals:

Further seasonal festivals are created by community member Diane Lucas and are advertised in the school newsletter. These festivals are complementary to the curriculum and a joy to experience.

Gudjeuk Camp in Litchfield

Banggerreng Day Festival

Yegge Day festival

Wurrgeng Camp in Litchfield

Gurrung afternoon at Lee Point beach

Gunumeleng camp in Litchfield