Milkwood Steiner School exists as a space to grow and nurture a community on Larrakia land with intention, where children are received with reverence, guided by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner Education, adapted to this Time and Place.

About Us
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Our School


Our Playgroups are held in a home-like environment which nurtures the senses.

Our program is play-based with rhythmical qualities incorporating songs, stories, rhymes and seasonal festivals.

We aim to create a peaceful haven for a child’s development to naturally unfold and where both parent and child can experience the joy of meaningful connections.



During the first seven years children are physically forming and live very much in their imagination.

This great capacity to enter into imaginative pictures and stories is a good place to begin the process of learning.

Free, creative play is considered the best preparation for self-realisation in adult life.

Primary School

Within the rich and structured curriculum framework, with the encouragement of their classmates and teachers, children develop and appreciate their strengths and work at their difficulties.

The social and moral learning that takes place in childhood is as important as the academic.

Curriculum content, cognitive development and skill building are approached through pictorial and imaginative presentation, embodying narrative, creative writing, visual arts, music, drama and movement.

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