Enrolment Application

Enrolment applications are accepted throughout the year. The enrolment process includes:

  1. School tour (optional)
  2. Written Enrolment Application
  3. Enrolment Interview
  4. Trial days, subject to teacher recommendation
  5. Letter of Offer

School Tours

To provide prospective parents with the opportunity to gain a fuller picture of Steiner education and to ask any general questions, the school holds school tours by appointment, and open classroom events throughout the year.

To arrange a private tour of the school, please contact admin@milkwood.nt.edu.au

Enrolment Application

To proceed with an enrolment application, please download the following forms, and submit to admin@milkwood.nt.edu.au along with the $110 enrolment application fee.

Milkwood Enrolment Form

Milkwood K-8 Child Biography

Student School History Request (for students enrolling from another school)


Upon receipt of complete application, an interview is scheduled with the appropriate teacher.

The interview is attended by the child, parents, and class teacher.

The interview is conducted by the class teacher, and is an opportunity to discuss the needs of the child and the education offered at Milkwood. The interview may include basic class-readiness testing or other assessments. No preparation is required by the child for this interview. Parents and students may bring specific questions about curriculum, student support and classroom life to the interview.

Trial days

Up to 3 trial days may be offered by the class teacher to each prospective student, free of charge. These trial days are an opportunity for students to experience the classroom and for teachers to meet students in the classroom setting. These days also assist teachers to identify any questions they may need to ask parents. Often a short meeting at the end of the trial days is arranged between teacher and parents. The trial days offered may be terminated by the school at any time, if concerns for the child or class are identified by the teacher.

Enrolment Acceptance

The student’s enrolment is communicated by the Enrolment and Administration Officer via a Letter of Offer.

To accept an enrolment request, the enrolment committee consider:

  1. Teacher to child ratio in the relevant class
  2. Position on the waiting list
  3. Home environment that supports the philosophy of Steiner Education
  4. The capacity of the school to fulfill Duty of Care to current and prospective children and staff
  5. The applicant and their parent/carers’ demonstrated capacity to adhere to MSSA Policies and Code of Conduct.

Enrolment inquiries may be directed to the Enrolment and Administration Officer: admin@milkwood.nt.edu.au