Milkwood’s College of Teachers is a leadership group comprised of Milkwood’s Educators.  The College of Teachers engages in work which values personal and professional growth, with the task of growing the cultural, pedagogical and spiritual life of the school, with the best interest of children at the heart of decision making. The Principal is the Educational Leader of the school, supported by a Finance Manager and Enrolments and Administration Officer.

2024 Staff List

Bush Apple Kindergarten Teacher: Holly Peterson

Bush Apple Kindergarten Assistant: David Palmer, Kiara Connolly


Waterlily Kindergarten Teacher: Clare Stinson

Waterlily Kindergarten Assistant: Kiara Amoranto


Class 1 Teacher: Oceana Pastor-Elsegood

Class 2 Teacher: Maricki Moeller-Levick

Class 3/4 Teacher: Quyen Doan

Class 5/6 Teacher: Bindi Isis

Class 7/8 Teacher: Alan Drysdale


Primary Teacher Assistants:

Lara Andropov, Bernie Murray, Caryn Dunning, Lucy Neville, Francesca Allen


Learning Enrichment + Library Teacher: Paul Austin

Indonesian Teacher: Guido Sinaga

Health and Physical Education Teacher: Samantha Galletley

Music Teachers: Michael Bardon, Tara Murphy


ASC Leader: Tiana Andropov

ASC Assistant: Kiara Connolly

Playgroup Leader: Lucy Neville

Craft Group Leader: Melinda Smith


Administration and Enrolment Officer: Isabelle Kirkbride

Administrative Assistant: Jade Dehne

Finance Manager: Yanina Gonzalez Zabala

Principal: Netanela Mizrahi


Cleaners: Regina Andrua and Cecilia Minzi

Grounds and Maintenance Person: Rick Hall

WHS Representative: Caryn Dunning