Values and Mission Statement

Milkwood’s Strategic Plan is a beautiful, unique and important document to our community. It is recommended reading for those interested in our school. This document captured the voices and aspirations of over 200 children, families, staff, board and friends of Milkwood Steiner School. It guides our direction from 2021-26.

Milkwood Values: 

Courage, Imagination, Dignity, Spirit

Values Statement:

At Milkwood, we believe that childhood is sacred. Our community believes in the rights of all to dignity, growth and community care. In an increasingly materialistic world, we value imagination, creativity and spirit. Our community was founded with courage, hope and a sense of responsibility. We seek to embody these in all we do.

Mission Statement:

Milkwood Steiner School exists as a space to grow and nurture a community on Larrakia land with intention, where children are received with reverence, guided by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner Education, adapted to this Time and Place.

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