Learning Enrichment Program

Milkwood Steiner School delivers a model of classroom teaching that allows each child to reach their full potential, through the richness of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework. When additional support is needed, the College of Teachers draws on a deep understanding of Steiner Pedagogy and child development, to collaborate with a Learning Enrichment Specialist to designing Educational Adjustment Plans and interventions, documenting recommendations and referrals, to meet a child’s needs. In practice, this includes programs for 1:1 or small group work to address individualised academic, social, emotional or behavioural goals. For some children these interventions may be temporary, and for others, the support will be ongoing.

Our Learning Enrichment Teacher (LET) has qualifications in inclusive education, disability and trauma-informed practice, and gifted education in the Primary School setting. They work closely with the College of Teachers and families on accessing useful assessment processes, the creation of Educational Adjustment Plans. The goals of the LET are to support creating an environment where each child can be valued for who they are and reach their potential.